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Ausstellungstück zur Salzburger Wasserversorgung im Wassermuseum WasserSpiegel

water museum WasserSpiegel

  • Interactive discovery tour
  • Museum above the rooftops of Salzburg
  • Intriguing insights into Salzburg's water supply

The WasserSpiegel on the Mönchsberg invites visitors and families with an interest in technology to enjoy a multimedia, interactive discovery tour on the trail of this wet element.

Opening Hours

The WasserSpiegel museum is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10.00 - 16.00.

Water museum on the Mönchsberg in Salzburg

High above the baroque rooftops of the city of Salzburg is the multimedia exhibition WasserSpiegel, where visitors can experience the processing of water up close. The location was not chosen by chance: The museum is part of the Mönchsberg elevated reservoir. With a volume of 25,000 m3, it supplies many Salzburg residents with drinking water.  

With historical and sometimes curious exhibits, the museum offers an entertaining and informative insight into Salzburg's water supply. The ticket includes a free audio guide. Exclusive guided tours by experts are available on request.

Interactive museum for adults & children

The multimedia exhibition is not only interesting for adults, children can also experience the element of water in a playful way. Interactive stations to try out, exciting technical exhibits and a water tasting session are a highlight for young and old alike. 

12 degrees all year round

If you are looking for a bad weather program for days that are too hot or too cold, this excursion destination is just right for you. Regardless of whether it's raining, snowing or 30 degrees (86 °F) outside - it's always around 12° C (53,6 °F) inside the facility. Visitors should therefore wear warm clothing all year round.

The Water Museum is therefore worth a visit in both winter and summer.

Exciting insight into Salzburgs's drinking water supply

Where does the water in Salzburg come from? What do we do with it? What was it like in the past? These and many other questions are explored over an area of 500m2.  

It offers interesting insights into the history, present and technology of water supply as well as the quality and origin of water in the city. From Roman cisterns and medieval draw wells to modern drinking water supply networks, all eras are illuminated. The city of Salzburg was certainly progressive: its Almkanal is the oldest water supply tunnel in Central Europe.

Workshops for groups and school classes

The Water Museum WasserSpiegel on the Mönchsberg invites children to explore the topic of water in an interactive workshop.  Under the guidance of expert knowledge mediators, schoolchildren can work out interesting facts about our "No. 1 foodstuff" for themselves.


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