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Salzburg-Bahnen App: The new App for WolfgangseeSchifffahrt ferries, SchafbergBahn cog railway, FestungsBahn funicular and MönchsbergAufzug

Salzburg-Bahnen App

With our new Salzburg-Bahnen App, you will be able to immerse yourself even more deeply in the fascinating world of trains and ships operated by Salzburg AG! The SchafbergBahn cog railway and WolfgangseeSchifffahrt ferries in the Salzkammergut region as well as the MönchsbergAufzug lift and FestungsBahn funicular in the city of Salzburg will carry you to the most awe-inspiring lookout points and promise unforgettable experiences. Thanks to this app, you always have a great overview: ahead of time and once you are here.


  • contentcolumnsitem Integrated audio guide for the SchafbergBahn and WolfgangseeSchifffahrt
  • contentcolumnsitem_1815972465 Online ticketing
  • contentcolumnsitem_1607305489 Interactive overview map with locator function
  • contentcolumnsitem_1754574416 Current departure times for the SchafbergBahn and WolfgangseeSchifffahrt
  • contentcolumnsitem_474928380 Bucket list
  • contentcolumnsitem_848344308 Current weather information and live pictures

Check out the kids' version of the audio guide for the SchafbergBahn cog railway & WolfgangseeSchifffahrt ferries.